Ford Mustang

Having the intention to buy the new 2015 version of the Ford Mustang, I find it hard to believe that Ford would deviate so much from the original Mustang. The new prototypes don't even resemble a Mustang. 50 years have gone by the car is a legend that doesn't need to be turned into a media stunt. Save the original lines of the car make it look like a Mustang and not some futuristic everyday car, this new car too must be above and beyond the expectations of collectioners and fans alike! Hoping that the new Mustang will be a blast from the past!
Sean S 03/11/2013
You guys whine too much...wah ...all car...wah...Need to get your heads out of your pasts...Retro is overcooked now...BMW Z8...Prowler...SSR...PT Cruiser...Thunderbird 2002...2005/10/13 Mustang...Ford GT...Mini...Beetle...HHR...Fiat 500...Camaro...Challenger...FJ Cruiser...TIME TO MAKE A NEW STATEMENT!
Cy J 02/16/2013
I have always been a fan of the classic mustang design and as an owner of a 2012 Mustang (which I LOVE) I am worried about a drastic design change starting with the 2015 (2014 1/2). If the design veers too far from the classic look Ford will only get one more sale from me when I buy one of the 2014 models as my last Mustang.
phil m 02/13/2013
Someone at Ford needs to recognize the WISDOM in the above comments! My first Ford was a '66 Mustang, also had an '81. My 22-year-old daughter wants to buy her first one in a year or 2! Hoping for at least 1 more, for me; that is, if you still make them!
Roger S 02/09/2013
Remember the Probe! Didn't think you would. Ford's previous attempt to reshape the Mustang. Remember the '58 Thunderbird. Ford tried to reinvent the Thunderbird from its excellently designed 2 seater and Corvette eater. Now the Corvette is a legend and the Thunderbird is no more and mostly forgotten. FORD KEPT YOUR STYLISTS AWAY FROM THE MUSTANG or it will be another "ungreat idea". Send them back to Europe!
Robert T 02/09/2013
It looks like the Mustang is going to become a J Mays world car instead of being the all American car it is today. Lets wait and see if Camero and Challenger start beating up on the new Mustang. There is a ton of "world cars" now. Mustang is going to be just one more. Remember Mustang II?
David F 02/09/2013
I'm glad somebody out there is speaking the truth! I understand making the car more efficient, but as far as the style goes. There is no strong reason to deviate from the classic style that redefined the muscle car wars.
Roger Y 02/08/2013
I'm also hoping to buy the 2015 Mustang. I'm expecting it to be sporty and sharp and different from the current version yet very recognizable as a Mustang. I wouldn't mind if it's a couple of inches shorter and hundreds of lbs lighter but it has to be wide like the current Mustang and it has to be a real head turner when it's going down the road. That's a tall order but I'm confident Ford is going to pull this off!
Strond M 02/08/2013
mustang rocks !
Margaret Ann H 02/08/2013
I totally agree with this person! I purchased a 2013 GT Premium 5.0 Candy Apple Red Convertible because I love the design and all the improvements over my 2008. If the 50 year anniversary model looks like that horrible EVOS, Ford Motor Company is going to lose alot of customers even though they think that this drastic change is going to improve sales with younger drivers/purchasers. I am 63 and I totally give the 2013 model, and the 2014 also, my vote as a design to buy and stick with as a base for the future. 2014 Shelby Super Snake is the way to go also, awesome!