Ford Mustang Luxury Sports Car Sedan

I think it would be awesome for Ford to have the very first luxury sports sedan.
David Swift 02/06/2012
I'd like a Ford or Lincoln version of the Mustang with 4 doors. I want a V8 manual transmission option, too. While a Shelby sedan would be nice, it's probably overkill for the mass market. I have kids and need 4 doors and I hate automatics.
Anything other than 2+2 and it won't be a Mustang.
Dominic Herron 01/12/2012
I don't want a Lincoln, I'm a Mustang man but when going out no one wants to clime or ride in the back and therefore we end up taking another car or separate cars. I think the Mustang would great as a 2 and 4 door vehicle.
N. Rodriguez 01/10/2012
I think your best bet for this is the new Lincoln MKZ when (and if) it comes out.