ford go!

americans need a car thats afordable to buy and afordable to fix like the one you sell in india....nedds 35 pluse mpg air/heat , ac jack and speakers no stereo we all use are phones for everything now anyway and thats it a car that will just go......for less $....i dont need a cup holder, or stereo,or navigation,or a car to park by its self, i dont need compartments or anything else...just a car that will go and that i can aford....thank you
Sarah 09/23/2011
Hi Melissa - What would your ideal price for this vehicle be?
T Craig-P71CV 09/23/2011
Yes Ford needs to get back into making basic cars without all the fancy gadgets. While Ford currently has a great line up of cars such as the Focus, Fusion, Taurus and the F150 they should offer them all in base models that don't have any power options and allow customers to choose and buy the options that they do want. I mean I really don't need power windows, door locks, navigation systems. Just give me a nice reliable, durable, cheap and easy car to drive, and maintain without all the fancy bells and whistles just like they did twenty years ago. I want a car, not a motorized entertainment system on four wheels. All these other gadgets just jack up the price of the car, and many of those are options that I would never use anyway. Heck, I don't even listen to the radio in my car. As for a navigation system? I have one in my glove box - it's called a road map! (You know the type I mean, it's made of paper and you fold it up and shove it in the glove box with all the other junk in there). All of these features are just expensive toys that will cost a fortune to repair or replace if anything should go wrong with them. The only options I want in my car is a V8 engine, tilt steering wheel, and air conditioning, as for the rest they are just useless expensive toys.