Ford Fusion Station Wagon

By Bob W.

I would like to see a smaller station wagon -- good styling, etc. similar to the older Volvo V40 or Audio A3 or BMW. I think that the Focus wagon is too small and the Flex is too large. am instead looking for a sporty type wagon and think that a wagon on a Fusion platform would be interesting.

Alternatively, a new Modeo wagon would be nice.

timothy r 04/18/2014
i'm looking to buy a new car in the next year or so and would love a fusion wagon. that way i would not have to look outisde the ford brand
bob M 04/15/2014
Europeans have all the fun, I live in the Northeast where Subaru must have a 30 share selling awd wagons all day. I've been searching for a awd sport wagon for some time. Bring the Mondeo wagon to the states in awd ( lower models other than Titanium ) a sell a bunch.
Wade W 03/17/2014
I'd love to see Ford take the lead and make a fuel-efficient wagon. This is particularly so that cross-country & long-distance/multi-day bicycling (and other human powered) efforts (especially for charity) have a decent sag vehicle that didn't cost a fortune and provide great gas milage so as not to take up the trips revenue for the charitable cause. Ford could lead the way in Social Marketing by sponsoring these vehicles at a low cost. Just my wishful thinking.
Kevin 03/14/2014
I agree, I just got a ’14 Focus hatch and I love it, but really wanted something bigger. I traded in an ’07 Subaru Legacy wagon, one of my favorite cars I’ve owned. I’ll take a Performance Blue Fusion SE Sportwagon with AWD if you’re listening Ford! Please, please, make it happen! A friend of mine has seen a few Fusion wagons creeping around Dearborn, MI, home of Ford’s headquarters. Foreshadowing perhaps? Everyone cross your fingers!
Doug D 01/30/2014
Ford should take the lead and bring back a decent station wagon that is not an SUV! The make Fusion wagons for the European market!
Leo C 02/25/2013
Americans will continue to shun the wagon as long as there's no marketing for the masses. And wagon lovers will always, well, love them. As long as the masses are instructed to only like SUVs and Crossovers ("smaller SUVs"), by the industry, that's what'll sell.
Wagons offer such a superior alternative, for most people, BUT....
Maybe when gas hits $7 / gallon...who knows...
Yes, I'm bitter....
Robby Kilian 02/19/2013
I would anticipate the Mondeo estate will continue to be with us for some well into the future. Bringing that to the US, or introducing a new Mondeo/Fusion estate (wagon) would pretty enticing! :)
Bob K. 02/11/2013
The US auto industry needs to bring the wagons back. Gone are the days of station wagons with wood paneling. That generation has already come and gone. We need a youthful sport wagon to keep up with the Germans. Hatchbacks sell like hotcakes. Just extend the wheelbase and watch your profits soar.
Jim D 11/21/2012
Yes if Ford does not bring the Fusion Hatch or Wagon I will be forced to look elsewhere as I need the rear window to open

Jim Duncan
Ben M 10/25/2012
I enjoyed the Mondeo wagon I rented for two weeks in Europe and hope to buy a station wagon in the next two years. Will I be buying a VW?
spencer 09/27/2012
A Ford Fusion Wagon (like the european one) with Awd, and ecoboost is the first ford product i have gotten excited about and would want to own.
Paul G 09/24/2012
Yes, bring the station wagon version to North America
Michael J 03/14/2012
Love it!
Brooks B 03/05/2012
I would absolutely LOVE to see a wagon based on the new Fusion!!
Steve 02/21/2012
A Fusion wagon would be the perfect combination of economy, sport & utility. I would buy one in a minute!
Jim Reed 01/22/2012
A Fusion Wagon made in the US would be a great idea. Sign me up for one!
Paul Amick 01/11/2012
I too would like to see a wagon built on the Fusion platform. The Mazda6 used to be available as a wagon and, as I recall, the original Fusion shared a number of components with the Mazda6. We have a 2005 Focus wagon, but it's a bit small. Are you listening, Ford?
henry stephens 12/29/2011
We have an AWD Flex which drives like a dream but is big, kinda boxy, and is not great on gas. My favorite wagon styling in the Fusion size class is the Audi A6
Shelby 12/16/2011
I would so love if they did the Ford Fusion in a wagon! My mom has Subarus, which I love for the cargo room, but don't like to drive. I really want my next car to be a Ford, and the Fusion is my favorite as a NASCAR fan.
Craig Libuse 11/03/2011
I own a 2000 Saturn wagon and am looking for a replacement. It is disappointing to see that all American and Japanese manufacturers have dropped wagons from their lines. The Fusion would be a perfect platform for a wagon. The Audi, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes wagons are way to expensive and a bit on the small side. I don't want a minivan, a crossover, an SUV or a tiny hatchback that purports to be a wagon. I want a comfortable car that can also haul stuff. The Mazda 6 wagon was the best of the pack before they too dropped it, and would be a good target to shoot for. Ford, get ahead of the rest of the domestic pack and revive the good old station wagon. I have to haul too much stuff to get by with a sedan but don't want to drive a truck.
Andrew 12/19/2010
I would love to see a Fusion wagon, preferably standard with all wheel drive. If Ford is listening I think it would be good, my wife and I love the new 2012 Focus wagon that is coming soon, however we travel an awful lot and really need the car to be bigger. Then we would not have to buy an A6. :)
Joshua 07/12/2010
If they released a Fusion Wagon similar to the Mondeo Wagon I wouldn't hesitate to go out and purchase one today. However, since they haven't and no other US OEM has a reasonably priced one, I have been looking at the few that are available from foreign OEM's.
Roger T 05/28/2010
I agree that a Fusion station wagon (Sport Wagon?) would be a good idea, since wagons have begun to take on an upmarket trend appeal among families not unlike the first SUV buyers. It would have to be when the next-generation Fusion and Mondeo start sharing platforms in 2012 or 2013. The wagon may have to be jacked-up and outfitted like a Subaru Outback or Volvo XC70 to be successful, given what happened to the Subaru Legacy wagon and Volvo V70 wagon.