Ford Fusion Sport Wagon

I am a long time Ford buyer. I have a 1964 1/2 mustang and a 2002 Escape. After seeing the Vertek concept, I was looking forward to buying a new Escape. Unfortunately the new Escape is missing the mark for me. For car guys like me the Escape's dash is way too busy and the exterior looks more Kuga (dated) than Vertek (aggressive). I am extremely impressed with the new Fusion. I would like to suggest/request that you bring the wagon version to the states. If you offered the wagon with on/off all wheel drive, six speed manual, sport tuned suspension and the larger ecoboost engines both 4 and 6, I would order one tomorrow. If not I will either need to wait for the next freshening of the Escape or look to another brand.
greg e 07/30/2013
I would buy this car!
Dean W 03/22/2013
I would buy this vehicle. There are times that I need the space of a crossover, but I currently have a 2006 Fusion SEL I-4 w/5-speed. I would love to have the extra carrying capacity of an Estate Wagon. And the comment about the Mondeo being in Europe being better is true. Ford, please give us an Estate Sport Wagon.
Kurt G 02/23/2013
i agree, the estate (wagon) is a great car and to allow Lincoln division to get the only version is just wrong.
Paul G 02/05/2013
Yes, bring the Fusion wagon to Canada!!!!
Dustin M 02/04/2013
We hope for this... but we never get anything good here in North America. Even the Fusion (Mondeo) they get in Europe is a million times better