Ford Focus ST with automatic transmission

By John S.

I realize Ford's intentions for having only manual in the Ford Focus ST, however for people who go long distances and are always in heavy traffic, an automatic is much better. I believe that the Ford Focus ST with an automatic transmission would not only make Ford more money but make a lot more happy customers thank you :).
Chuck 10/24/2014
Give it paddleshifters and I'll give you my checkbook Ford.
AP 08/20/2014
Why is everyone so obsessed with the traffic aspect of driving manual? A true and competent driver knows that after a few minutes driving manual you don't even notice you're shifting because it becomes second nature, a literal knee-jerk reaction. Rowing your own in heavy traffic has never bothered me and shouldn't bother any other enthusiasts. And you should be an enthusiast if you're going to buy a Focus ST.
Pierre R 08/14/2014
NIcholas D , its about choices , you would still have the anility to buy it with your manual transmission , I love a manual , my first 3 vehicules has manual trans , now I'm holder , doing a lot of city , but I would like the look and the power of the ST with an auto trans , I might have to look elsewhere
Sergio R 08/04/2014
Porsche have dual clutch trans, why the ST can't have one???
Also, the new Focus 2015 with Ecoboost 1.0 liter engine, only with manual shifter, bad idea!!!
Brandon P 07/30/2014
I learned how to drive manual in this car within a few weeks and now I love it. Its really easy to learn and you'll prefer the level on control it gives on gear selection once you learn it.
Sean 07/25/2014
All aboard the nope train.  Having an auto in this car would ruin it's character.  If you don't know how to drive stick, then you should learn.  I've done LA traffic, and even San Francisco traffic in the car, and the clutch feel is a perfect compromise between sporty, and light.  So Ford, do not ever put an automatic in this great car!
PC 07/04/2014
The ratio of auto transmission drivers out there are a lot higher than manual transmission drivers. To put it bluntly, only European drivers like the manual trans. The rest of the world drives auto trans.

So give customers the choice Mr. Ford and watch your bottomline improve dramatically for your ST range of products. Not everyone is a racing car driver, but almost everyone think they are and like to live with this dream in a real world.
Marty 05/04/2014
The ST needs an automatic. I have a 2013 with the six speed auto and it shifts very fast. Its a dual-clutch like some exotics and they use these transmissions as an advantage over their manuals. Ford can do this and gain market share. And don't forget paddle shifters exclusive to the ST.
Nicholas D 04/09/2014
The st is a performance car. Real performance cars need a true
manual gearbox not an automatic.
Paul 03/16/2014
An automatic transmission would be perfect for a Ford Focus ST.  I would buy it tomorrow!  If Ford won't put an automatic transmission in this car, I'm not interested in purchasing it.
curt k 03/14/2014
If you give them the choice they will buy!
curt k 03/14/2014
I am in my 50's and no longer want a vehicle with a manual trans., on the other hand I would love a small car that gets great mileage, nimble handling that I don't have to cross my fingers with every time I get on a on ramp. I would by one in a heartbeat.
Steve 03/06/2014
I would purchase a Fiesta ST with automatic transmission tomorrow if it were available. I drive a Ford Focus SVT with a great six speed box. My wife can't drive stick. This is why Options like these need to be available. Buying decisions do  not always involve one person.
David H 02/22/2014
Yes, please! A Focus ST with an A/T for those of us who want it!
Linda 01/16/2014
Yes I agree it's about time the ST came with automatic transmission
Richard P 12/18/2013
Due to spinal cord injury, I'm no longer able to operate a manual transmission, but I'm interested in an inexpensive performance car. I'd like a powerful engine mated to a dual-clutch transmission in a fine-handling chassis. That sounds a lot like a Focus ST with Ecoboost engine and PowerShift transmission, no?
Demian C 10/22/2013
Do it, some of us know how to drive stick but our wives would rather ride the bus than learn how lol.
CL 10/22/2013
Wow. Ford finally makes the first product in years that I would trade my Toyota in for but its not available in automatic? Really? Really? Please Ford give the people what they want. Manual trans option for the purists (maybe 5%) and automatic for me and just about everybody else (95%).
Leandro Z 10/13/2013
I need something that my mom can drive and my mom love the new Focus ST
Leandro Z 10/13/2013
Automatic it's the future. Ford need to create a good triptronic transmission with pedals and 7 or 8speed to do a better mpg a transmision like the 370z aut for the mustang and focus st
Frank 10/11/2013
I was comparing the Focus ST, Mazda 3 Speed and VW GTI. If Ford made the ST with an automatic transmission I would by one today, I am now going off to the Mazda dealer.  
Matthew 09/23/2013
It needs one,  my next car will be another GTI unless Ford gets a DSG like automatic
Susan Conkey 08/20/2013
Personally, I would love it to be automatic or maybe with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.  Some of us are not "coordinated" enough for a stick. 
Jeff D 07/24/2013
I'm looking to trade in my '05 Mustang soon and a Focus ST would be perfect! Except the manual only aspect of it. I need something my wife can drive too on occasion and that means whatever I get has to be automatic. I want this car so bad but without an automatic option its just not an option.
Brew J 07/19/2013
I couldn't agree more. An st automatic for those in highly trafficked cities that would love power when needed would do well. vw has the gti with dsg so why can't we get an automatic for an st. 
Simon L 05/03/2013
Manual transmission is so inconvenient in Pittsburgh. So I can't even consider getting the focus st
JV 04/20/2013
I'm all in on an automatic option. If I am going to screw up my back, I'd prefer to do it on the golf course not navigating heavy traffic on the way there!
Scott H 04/13/2013
You can get a SHO Taurus with a DCT and paddle shifters. An ST Focus, which bodystyle/size wise is a much sportier car, doesn't get the same option. What gives? I get the "sport car" argument for keeping the manual transmission. But offering an Automatic DCT as an option doesn't keep you from getting your manual version. You can still be "big car guy" and go manual if the Auto doesn't get you all tingly, but I'm waiting for the auto option. I'm 6'8" and I have plenty of room in my 2012 Focus, but having to hit a clutch all the time would require configuring the seat/wheel in a less than comfortable setup to avoid racking my knee on the wheel!!!
Vance L 04/10/2013
You guys do know if it came with an optional can still buy a manual right?
Vance 04/09/2013
IDE like to see an automatic out of shear laziness...this Is America I have the right to be as lazy as I damn we'll please lol. Not to mention a duel clutch is faster then I am anyways.
speedfreak 03/20/2013
i drove the st last weekend, and i LOVED it!!! i mean i LOVED IT. i know most people (including myself) would prefer a manual. I may be in the minority here, but let me just give some examples of why i WOIULDNT want a manual. my job requires me to make 30-60 stops per day, usually in heavy city traffic. thats no fun with a manual. anyone that thinks wanting a auto is due puerly to laziness, here is a another example of why id want a auto. i have horrible lower back issues. driving in traffic, all day, working a clutch (regardless of how good that clutch is), irritates that lower back injury to the point i can hardly walk at the end of the day (i know, because my current car is a 6mt g35). reality is, if i had 30k to spend on a toy (which i dont), id buy the manual ST in a heartbeat, even with back issues. i need the hatchback for work (or some type of utility), but dont want a low hp fuel sipper that i despise 90% of the time, or a suv. so what are my options ford? none. if someone from ford emailed me a release date on dual clutch auto ST, id wait. but as it stands, im looking elsewhere.
Ronald J 03/20/2013
Would love an automatic ST.
clay 02/23/2013
the st is a brilliant car no question and i am in full support of manuals but if you want a hot small ford with an automatic try a hot version of the fiesta which IS offered with an auto.
Vincent C 01/23/2013
No performance car should have an automatic. The only possible exception is a proper dual-clutch sequential gearbox, which you can get on the ST's closest competitor, the VW GTI, but that adds a couple of grand to the price due to the complexity of this type of transmission.
James S 01/14/2013
Good idea, even Euro spec hot hatches selling on an international market offer an automatic (cough) GTI(cough). If there is a legitimate reason the new dry box running in the Focus isn't ready for this kind of regular torque that's understandable but it should be an option to broaden the line and option. Then again paddle shifters on the standard Focus auto wouldn't be a bad idea either, or do I need to mention the GTI again?
Tim W 01/12/2013
I hope those who want an AT have to pay a nice premium for it so those of us who purchased the brilliant six-speed don't subsidize your choice.
Patrick 12/29/2012
I would love to trade in my Mazda 3 GT, for a ST with dual transmission or an auto. I live in LA with a ton of stop and go traffic.
Al M 12/19/2012
I like this idea and it should be done as in my case for one simple reason. If I bought this car and something happend to me while the wife and I were out and she need to drive the car she wouldn't be able to as she can't drive a stick and isn't about to learn how at her age. So put the auto in but make sure you at least offer a good set of paddle shifters.
Jef H 12/08/2012
Seriously?! Some people clearly don't get the idea of a Euro spec hot hatch at all... and I'm really glad these same people can't buy it, evene if it's simply because they are too lazy to! LOL
This idea is a "blinding flash of the obvious." Of course an automatic is an important option for the many reasons above.
Pedro M 11/27/2012
Not a bad idea. There are drivers, like me, who go for AT and still want the sportiness in their vehicle. An ST with auto would be a great option. Just like in the Mustang, you could get both version as you may wish.
Mark S. 11/24/2012
Please, please, please offer this as an automatic. I often deal with the bumper to bumper LA traffic but when it's not bumper to bumper I want the sportiness of the ST. Only 5% of America drives manual....throw the other 95% of us a bone. I would love to own this car. Or at a minimum, add a turbo option to the regular Focus.
John S 11/23/2012
Manuals are becoming faster than automatic in some cases. For examples the BMW 8 speed automatic actually is FASTER than the manual and for people who love manuals that's fine but almost every sports car comes in an automatic transmission.
Dustin M 11/21/2012
Bad idea! With manuals becoming hugely popular and with the amount of torque in this car, an automatic would not do it justice. If you are on a long journey a manual is the best way to go. If you are in bumper to bumper traffic, an ST is not for you, get a regular Focus instead. This is a SPORT car... manual only!
John S 11/21/2012
Most automatic transmissions have better gas mileage and they can still have a manual mode.
Scott W 11/20/2012
Bad idea. You take all the fun out of the car. All Ford 4bangers I have driven with an auto are terrible.
I can see in traffic an auto being OK, but on long trips I don't get it.