Ford Focus ST 2013

I think that Ford should make the new 2013 Focus ST model available in Automatic. I am a fan of the Focus and have fallen in love with the ST but can not purchase it because I cant drive a manual. I think that they should make an option available for automatic so that it would be available to more customers and then I would be able to purchase it.
jack pearce 10/09/2013
Paddles Yes for focus st, and all wheel drive.
Jeff D 07/24/2013
I want my wife to be able to drive my car if it's ever necessary. That doesn't make me lazy. 
Mark R 11/14/2012
Hollie, I'll tell you what... I drove cars only with automatics for my first nine years of driving. When I bought my first new car, a Corvette, I ordered it with a manual and a friend taught me how to drive a manual while I was waiting for delivery. Now I would not even think of buying an automatic. If you are on a spirited drive, you never want an automatic to shift on you in the middle of a turn, because this will upset the balance of the car and could cause you to wipe out (crash.) With a little practice, you can shift a manual during the turn and keep the car balanced all the way through, and you will also have the car in the best gear to power out of the turn. With an automatic, there's also the possibility that someday you might hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and unexpectedly launch the car. Sometimes when people make this mistake, they try to correct by hitting the "brake" even harder and since their foot was on the gas by mistake, they accelerate even more or at full power until they crash. This mistake is very rare when using a manual, and even then, your instinct is to push in the clutch with your left foot to stop the unintentional acceleration. When you push in the clutch, no more power will flow to the wheels. You'll love a manual once you are used to it. You'll have fuul control of your vehicle. I'll be buying my Focus ST in June 2014. Cheers! MARK
William L 10/30/2012
Sometimes I just want to drive without worrying about having to shift. I would love to have a automatic with paddle shifters.
Steve R 08/05/2012
So to stay constructive and positive, I would hope that your excitement for the ST would motivate you to try something new and learn to drive a manual transition. It is a truly engaging experience and connects you to the car. Also, if your ever stranded and find your only transportation is a manual car, you can know you have the knowledge to drive it safely :-)