Ford Focus 2014

By W. T.

AWD option

Manual transmission with 2.0 ecoboost

Upgraded leather seating as option / leather / plush padding. Willing to pay extra

Delete spoiler for sedan. Willing to pay extra to delete that thing

I purchased 2004 Ford Focus new. Great, comfortable leather seats. What happened?
Rented a 2012 Ford Focus for several days. Seats felt like sitting on park bench with
cheese cloth padding. Fiesta seats ridiculously narrow. Like baby's high chair. Any consideration for 3 door hatch?

Tes T 12/12/2012
Sounds great!
Juston P 12/09/2012
I like the your idea with a Fiesta option with AWD-2.0 EcoBoost. Add A/C in the seats and a receiver hitch and we have my perfect daily driver both in the city and in my road trips to the wilderness. Mountain and Dirt Biking, Backpacking, Snowboarding and Ice Fishing. Plus I carry people every day so the extra power would be terrific!!!
Juston P 12/09/2012
AWD with the 2.0 EcoBoost and wheel wells carved out abit larger with a receiver hitch option along with the sports roof racks would be the perfect active lifestyle people hauler... Honestly the 1.6 would be perfect if there was a twin turbo upgrade with insulated headers and free flow exhaust.