Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0l

Would love it if ford included the 1.0 l petrol engine in the Titanium trim , i would buy one  too bad only the SE comes with this engine at this moment
Juston P 01/11/2014
I totally agree. The 1 liter eco boost is not a dog it actually gets great mpg and accelerates at a decent rate. I test drove the Fiesta ST and was super impressed. I didn't buy it because I would prefer a 6 speed automatic. I would actually prefer a Range Rover version of the Fiesta. I know for doesn't own Ranger Rover but Lincoln as a luxury brand is all about the older generation and Range Rover reflected a more youthful appeal... The Titanium Trim would be nice with the larger navigation screen. Which is another subject. My phone does a better job navigating me but it would be nice to be able to cast my phone screen to the car display similar to google chrome cast that we use at our home...