Ford Fiesta Coupe

Dear Ford, I think you should sell the Fiesta coupe in the US too because if you do, my autoshop teacher said he would buy it. It would also be good for people who wants a coupe and can't afford a Mustang and it would also get better gas mileage. The Fiesta coupe would be a great addition to the US. I think you should consider bringing the Fiesta coupe to the US.

Jared White
Alex D 12/17/2012
I want a Fiesta like Ken Block's and Ford (currently the best US car brand) won't let me have one. Four door Fiesta after watching the Gymkhana videos? I don't think so.
Jared W 08/22/2012
I agree with Jake. Ford needs to make that happen in the US.
Jake J 07/15/2012
It would get Ford ahead of major competitors like the Chevy Sonic and Nissan Versa.
Robert B 05/02/2012
Concur, bring the 3 door ST Ecoboost Fiesta to America. 180HP and a ground effects package too.