Ford Falcon UTE

The Ranchero was a very popular vehicle which lasted for many decades.

Ford of Australia produces a "Ranchero like" vehicle call the UTE. Why not bring it to the US???? I'd buy one in a heatbeat.

B C 01/25/2014
Yes to cost efffective Falcon ute in usa
james meredith 02/01/2012
g8 truck was something i was going to buy for the very reasons u mentioned. 400hp didnt hurt either
Rustin Atkeisson 06/16/2011
As great as the F150s and the future ranger Replacement look, I like the idea of having a small light truck again. The accessability of these trucks on the other hand, is quiet horrid. It is nearly impossible for someone about 5 foot tall to heft a bag of concrete or a bag of fertilizer over the side of these trucks. Even at being 6ft tall myself, it has been a burden trying to side load brick in my friend's 2008 F150. Loading from the tailgate isn't much better, especially when Ford acknowledges this problem be making a tailgate step a factory option. It would be great to see the Aussie's beloved Ute make it back to the states. My back would greatly appreciate the ease of loading and unloading a truck like that... and not to mention the possibility of blasting past a 2010 Camaro around the track with the Turbo6 hidden under the hood and IRS keeping the wheels to the ground.

Surely Ford had to have some kind of ace up their sleeves if Pontiac had managed to get their G8 ST on the road.
Dan Lunn 06/01/2011
The low-profile wouldn't be good for driving in sloppy weather would it?