Ford Expedition Harley Davidson????

I am a 40 year old long time Harley Davidson and Ford owner. I have a family which makes it difficult to own a pick-up, even a crew cab. Why does Ford not make a Ford Expedition Harley Davidson edition? I strongly believe that there would be a great market for a unit like this. There are thousands and thousands of Harley Davidson owners that would go crazy for the opportunity to have a SUV done as a Harley Davidson edition. Ford has done a great job with editions like King Ranches, and Harley Davidsons on their pick-ups, but have not done either edition in their Expedition. With the towing capacity of a Expedition, this would be great for pulling a cargo trailer with a couple of Harley Davidsons in it.

Not all Harley Davidson owners are into the black exteriors either. Why not do a silver body color with a charcoal colored trim on the bottom with like a black or orange pinstripe on it. Some people would probably like even say a white body with a charcoal bottom on it. The interior of a Expedition done with the Harley Davidson badges would be one of the absolute sharpest looking interiors that I could imagine.

Year after year when I go to rallies like Sturgis, Laughlin, or Daytona Beach, you see tons of SUV's pulling cargo trailers with Harleys inside of them. Please make it the time to do a great unit like this.


Bobby Volcic
Scott 08/09/2012
I have created a 2013 Ford Explorer HD Edition myself, got a lot of comments so far and love it!