ford customer

I just bought a Ford Escape 3 months ago. It is a fantastic vehicle. Ford should consider using the body style to make a small pickup in both 4X2 and 4X4. The mpg is fantastic 28. Ford needs a pickup just like the Escape. My other vehicle is an Exsplorer Sport Track 4X4 and it makes 14 mpg. I need an upgrade and a pickup in the Escape style would be my next purchase.
T Craig-P71CV 09/20/2011
An Escape pick em up truck? Sounds interesting, but as they are going to soon scrap the Ranger I highly doubt Ford will introduce a new small pick up truck for the Nortn American market. Ford is currently only interested in their more profitable full size F Series pick up trucks. After the Ranger is gone Ithink it will be a long time before there is another small Ford pick up truck on the road. By the time that happens the Escape will more than likely have been long since out of production.
John Orth 09/19/2011
Go through your website. You don't want to hear comments about your marketing! Because your marketing people are SO smart! I've really been behind you guys. You didn't take money from the government and you didn't flaunt it. But all of a sudden you ads are talking about how you didn't take the money! That's not a reason to buy you! You were better off when people figured that out for themselves rather than having to tell them. Because then it becomes company hype! Sorry you've taken this approach. Know this will get sucked up in the website and your marketing people will never see this. And if they do, they'll be like the typical corporate marketers...we know better!