FORD Classics

By Mary M.

I see a hudge trend for bringing back the look seen in the early sixties. Hair styles, dress, house furnishings and art. Many babyboomers are seeking cars that are expertly brought back to their original luster, models from the sixties or even 1957 clasics. I would love to have a clasic like the early mustang but with modern safty implaments and modified engine and  good gas miliage.  But also at an affordable price. I'd be the first to your door.  Many other baby boomers who grew up during this erea are in retirement, kids are grown and they want to have a little fun and show off the fruits of their labor.  A line of some of the classics of this era would be great.  I think you should cash in on the trends of present day but keeping in mind Fords ideas on safety, the environment and ecconnomy.     Thanks mary  
William P 08/23/2013
I think this is a great idea! Or even go back to the 40's. with the advances made in carbon fiber and safety, we can go back to an era when cars had style and even back seat legroom! We can have all that without sacrificing safety or efficiency.