Focus ST Personalization

I know I'm not the "target market" for the Focus ST, but although a baby boomer, I have not given up on a car being entertaining. In fact my last 10 cars have been foreign and i'm currently driving a Golf GTI. Currently, I'm very interested in your new Focus ST. I've read great things about it. However I note that it's only available with 3 option packages, most likely for simplicity and lower costs of production. My issue is that I'd like to order the top package to get HID headlights and such, but am not comfortable with the Recaro's that are in the car. Too tight for everyday use. How about following MINI and allowing more personalizaton? I'd like to be able to delete the Recaros from the top package and add a backup camera and dimming RV mirror. Having the seats modified is expensive, and would cause me to look at a MINI Paceman or wait for the 1 series BMW instead where I can order exactly what I want.
Andrew S 03/28/2013
Buy an ST and sell the Recaros and put new seats in. They're like four bolts that hold them in. Not hard. Problem solved.