I think ford should bring back the flareside for the F150. It makes the truck looks sleeker and makes it more interesting than just a box. I know that the flaresides i have owned have sold very fast. my idea is that ford reintorduce the flareside for the 2013 line since the 2012 line is already out
Juston Preble 01/20/2012
No way! It would look horable. Now if Ford brought back the 1956 F100 Big Window with independant suspension front and rear, and AWD with a 2.0 Eco Boost and optional 3.5 Eco Boost then I think we have a winner. But I agree ford needs a sporty truck. I just think its time to do it smaller, lighter, and tough with the retro flare we all miss. Ford nees some swag in their truck line. Not that the Ranger is gone, do to keeping F150 the commercial truck leader, a man toy truck with really tough, lines with a cherry wood bed would be AWESOME! And maybe an SVT Lightning version later on with the new GT500 5.8 L V8 SuperCharged, (you'll need the AWD to keep a truck moving forward with that engine. Hello America Builds the fastes car in the world again and of all things its a tuck, "just like the 1991 GMC Syclone AWD Twin Turbo Truck back in the day... Even my old 1996 Ranger Slash yellow stepside would look great to be back in the Ford Showrooms...