Finger print

If you droped the key thing  and used a finger printing to open the doors and start the cars it would be custom to only that person and no one else could enter the car . You could also be able to program more that one person to the finger printing and to change them at any time . So , all you would have to do is grab the car handel and your finger print would activate it and you could get in . And put your finger on the start button and the car would start and their would be no need for a key . No keys to loose or lock in the car . It  would be so cool and the first and put ford ahead . Finger prints are one of a kind and everyone has them . So lets do it already.
Jeff H 08/21/2013
This idea would not work. if you ever needed someone else for example a friend to drive your vehicle they would not be able to because their fingerprint would not match.