Fiesta SE Manual EcoBoost Pakage

How about offering the Fiesta SE Manual EcoBoost package with all SE or Titanium configurations/options instead of a stripped down SE?  

Was hoping your 3 cylinder Fiesta would be offered with any option.  Very dissapointed.  If you're serious about selling a lot of these very efficient cars, then please allow it to be fully optioned in SE and Titanium versions.  

Butch R 01/09/2014
Go to Ford's English site ( and configure a Fiesta 1L EcoBoost at the Titanium level. You can option it with leather interior seats, Auto A/C, 17 inch alloy wheels and even a great looking body kit. Click on the "info" button under the Body Kit option and you'll see a larger picture of what this car can look like. Even the Grill is similar to the ST! I'd buy one tonight. I'll take it with a manual 6 speed that has a tall highway gear. Please. But I too will probably have to go to Prius c. It's a real shame. I like the Ford.
Dave 11/01/2013
I agree. Was in the market for the 1.0 ecoboost. But limited options in the US market. You can get the Titanium package and the powershift automatic elsewhere in the world. But Ford is unwilling to offer it here.
Now checking into the Prius C.