Falcon, Eagle or dare say Phoenix sports car?

By Omar B.

Ford has an incredible Muscle car (Mustang) and an amazing super car (GT). It is just missing a sports car or a coupe(sorry the focus is more of a hatchback)! They need to come up with a nice 2 door car to compete against the RX-8, the Eclipse, Corolla Sport, Hyundia Coupe, Accord Coupe and anything of the sort. The Mustang is nice, and it selling, but innovation must come to completely overtake its competition.
Mark Quick 05/01/2011
Bring back the Focus ZX3
James Defelice 04/29/2011
chevy has 2 muscle cars dodge has 2 muscle cars fords has 1 a mustang this mustang that weneed a thurderbird back in service build it like it first came out a 2 seater like the corvettes mustang is over rated that's all ford got is one fast car wow