I love the Ford Escape and have been patiently waiting for my opportunity to purchase my first one. One of the many reasons I love it is that it is NOT another crossover...and then you went and changed the body style. Ford has a crossover, its the Edge. I need the tall room in the back for luggage and my large dog. As for the safety factor. The crossovers have horrible blind spots to the rear sides due to the sloping back end and wide window stiles. Please return to the SUV style Ford Escape.
Brad B 11/11/2012
Hey Ford ! My wife has the older Escape ('09) and I test drove a '13 model Escape and found that there were less blind spots with the new slope in the hood. I did notice quickly that the increase in interior room behind the back seat was great. The only thing I see is if a individual was to see and drive a 2.0 Ecoboost Escape and compares it to a 2.0 Ecoboost Edge the Edge might lose out.