Edge/Escape/Explorer King Ranch Edition

First off, I am a proud owner of a brand new 2012 F350 King ranch and i will only drive Ford. My wife drives a 2010 Edge. However my wife loves the King Ranch interior on my truck and i know she would just die to have a King Ranch Edge! I think Ford and King Ranch could make a lot of profit as well as providing great customer satisfaction by offering these other types of Ford vehicles the same lush interiors that are availble in the F-series. Options would include everyhting in the limited editions, PLUS Heated and Cooled front leater bucket seats, Heated rear leather bench w/ pullout center arm rest. Leather wrapped steering wheel. Two-tone paint jobs with illuminated running boards. 20 inch alloy wheels with the running "W" in the center. Then cap it off with the King Ranch emblem on the sides and rear. Please Ford, hear us out and release the Ford Edge/Escape/Explorer King Ranch Editions!
Jared W 08/22/2012
I agree with you on that one. Ford should make the 3.7 and 5.0 engine options in the Explorer of the King Ranch Edition.