By Luis A.

My name is Luis Carlos, I am Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro and I'm 34 years old. I have professional experience in Franchising, with a focus on Operations and Business. I am writing to you to share an idea I had and found it interesting. Ford has excelled in the American scene, and could also say, worldwide, as the automaker that owns and invests more technology for electric cars and hybridos. Therefore, based on this fact, I decided to share with you my idea. It is a simple device (perhaps could even be used on cars with gasoline and alcohol). It would be a kind of switch that offered to run the motorist ECONOMIC MODE. That is, the switch to be activated, would set a series of electronic configurations that influence fuel consumption. For example, an electronic system that would reduce engine power, pressure air conditioning, ie many things that can be reduced in a vehicle, especially for urban use. The strategy is that the driver could have an excellent vehicle and use it as you wish, that is, the power of decision lies with the owner. I thought of something similar to what happens with the new phones, I imagine with low battery and no charger at hand? I put in sleep mode and ready. With the vehicle would be the same thing, I'm running low on fuel and no fuel station next (just an example), put my car in sleep mode, without needing to deprive me of comfort, could continue using the air condiciondo for example.
What do you think of the idea? Would you like feedback.
PS: Just went over this idea for FORD and did not connate with any other automaker. It's all confidential.
Thank you for your attention.