EcoBoost SVT Raptor

It would be great to see an EcoBoost SVT Raptor come out in the next year or two. Could have the best potential of multiple worlds for the daily driver, weekend play and overall work horse.
David T 04/17/2013
An ECOBOOST Raptor would be the ultimate weekend warrior vehicle for me. It would be the one truck I probably wouldn't have to modify to suit my needs and my desires.
David T 11/26/2012
If there's really no power loss (faster 0-60 time and a lighter engine), why wouldn't an option that easily doubles your MPG be on the table? The engine note? I love the sound of the 6.2 but 10 MPG? Give us the ecoboost!!
Geoffrey M 11/12/2012
If a tired motor made it through the Baja 500 skipping two stops then it might just be for the every day consumer as well.
Chris B 09/30/2012
If the ecoboost becomes available in the Raptor I will trade in my 2011 Ecoboost lariat. On semi-flat highways going 60-65mph I can get above 25mpg. And I have 4x4 supercrew, 3.55 gears. So I know with the Raptor's 4.10 gears and 35" tires I can get over 20mpg when I need to. PLEASE do this! I traded my 2010 5.4 Raptor in because I needed a supercrew. I miss the Raptor badly. Now they have supercrew Raptors, but no ecoboost. There's a 35 miles stretch of highway here in Missouri I can avg 26.8mpg, and has great power over the old 5.4L. My 5.4 Raptor got 18mpg on that same road. PLEASE put the ecoboost in the Raptor.
SEM8 09/08/2012
i have a 2012 Ecoboost F 150 with the 3.15 gear gets great MPG 18-22 Driving it easy, but a ton of power when you punch it. if ford drops one in the raptor thats my new truck period. wife can have my current one lol
Will B 05/24/2012
I am holding out buying a new truck in the hopes that I'll have an ecoboost option on the Raptor.. if that doesn't materialize I will prob save some $$ and get a FX4 with the turbo 6... Ford, let me give you more money for a Raptor but I wont take that lump of an old SOHC tech V8!
Andrew Godaire 01/26/2012
I have 45k ready to give to ford if they give the ecoboost as an option in the raptor.
Chris Zuest 01/13/2012
This would be the reason Ford would have my vote! Put the ecoboost V6 in the Raptor!!
Jeff 12/10/2011
I would buy a Raptor if it had the eco-boost. But I wont buy another gas hog truck. Been there, done that. Not again in this economy.
Greg 09/06/2011
Yep. EcoBoost in the Raptor would be a great idea.
Stetson Allen 07/13/2011
I also made this suggestion usion the 3.5 EcoBoost with the 3.73 locking rear. It would be a natural. It could be an option with better milage. Most buyers would never race it but does want good power. This combo would drop 40 hp, but only 10 foot pounds torque.
Bill Bloomquist 06/05/2011
Do we really need a 6.2 to do the job , can't we find a coast effective smaller cubic inch and find ways to get huge hp ? With gas the way it is I just want to know I can blow the doors off of someone truck, or car if I wanted to. Maybe a way to get max hp out of a smaller motor, and making the truck lighter, I'am just saying (BIGGER) is not always better. It could be the way you use what you have.
greg pigors 05/08/2011
Of course his idea is excellant! An ECOBOOST Raptor will keep the offroad giant on the selling market longer due to rising fuel costs and the fact that it being lighter than the 6.2handling aspects will increase and power to weight ratio is perfect i like the 6.2but who's pulling 10to13thousand lbs.with a Raptor? The motor was made for the Raptor! Ford officials have to have thought of this! If they want all of the engineering time and effort put into this truck thus ending at least hopefully for a short time the awesome SVT Lightning they will put an ECOBOOST in the Raptor!