Ecoboost Raptor

I really wish ford would offer an ecoboost option for the Raptor. I have a 08 f150 FX4 with 142000 miles on the truck and am wanting to trade it in for something new, my idea was to buy a single cab f150 2wd with a ecoboost and slap a long travel suspension with some widend fenders and bedsides and a few other mods and call it quits, but when i found i couldnt get a ecoboost single cab i looked at the super cab, that too wasnt to my liking because of the 6ft bed, then i figured id look at the raptor since it was basically what i wanted, supercab with the 5 1/2 ft bed looked nice but the only motor offered is the 6.2. I've seen that a shop dropped a ecoboost into their raptor and its an amazing truck. If only ford would offer this motor in the raptor in a year to two, they would have my preorder with no questions asked!
Harvey B 03/22/2013
I agree! You would have my pre-order in no time.