Dune Cloth Interior

By J. T.

Can you PLEASE put/offer the Dune cloth interior in the more upper level trims of your cars. I would really like to trade in my current Focus for a new 2013 Fusion however I would want an SE with the 2.0EB engine and as soon as you go to this combination the Dune cloth interior isn't available. This happens on the new Focus also as if you want the Stone interior on the SEL you have to give up the higher equipment package.

I find this thinking and lack of choice stupid. I will NOT buy a car with a leather interior! Also why would I want a black interior when I live in an area that routinely gets to the upper 90's during the summer. I want a light color interior to help keep it cool. This lack of choice may very well prevent me from buying the Fusion or Focus I would want.
John B 11/30/2013
Don't want leather, and do not want a black interior, and absolutely will not pay an extra $2000 to get away from it, so really, you've just lost a sale.
Jazmin 12/27/2012
Not having the option to select a dune interior on the Fusion Titanium is a deal breaker for me. If I'm spending the extra $, I don't want to feel like i'm settling.
Ross S 10/29/2012
I'm with you, Al. M.! Myself, I would like to see a variety of cloth option on all vehicles in all trim levels.
Travis G 08/01/2012
Yes! This is particularly bad on the Hybrids and EVs, as Leather becomes the only choice in order to get full access to all of the options or the vehicle itself in the case of the Plugin C-Max and C-Max SEL. These vehicles are supposed to be more efficient and environmentally friendly and yet they are being saddle with dark leather, a three way loser: the environmental cost of using dead animal skin vs their enviro cloth option, the extra heat absorption which will cause more A/C usage and the extra chemicals needed to maintain the material over its life time.

Ford really needs to think about how their target audience will want some of these models configured more, as it seems like they are still stuck in 20th century mode to a certain degree. Toyota figured this out with the Prius and if Ford wants to really compete head to head on the green front, they need to fix their Option Packages ASAP!
Duke M 07/11/2012
Amazing to think that when you go upscale and spend more, you have less choice!
There should be some interior color choices on the Titanium Focus, Focus ST and Titianium Fusion. Black interiors are not only hot; they are dreary and depressing. Dodge is offering an incredible number of choices with the new Dart.
The same with the Fiat 500. Chevy does it with the Malibu. Ford, you are falling behind with your new interiors.
The new Focus and Fusion are fantastic cars.
And yes, cooling leather seats would be a great option. They are offered on some Lincolns.
Brad B 07/09/2012
Hey Al M! I agree, what is all the gotta-hav-it with leather seats. Like you I live in a hot area and prefer a superior fabric. I ordered a Fusion SEL with the leather, I wish I'd ordered the SE and gotten cloth seats. We had a heat wave (7 days of 103 to 108 degrees) and the Fusion has had to stay at home due to the heat. Let's have one more wish, how about cooling as well as heated seats.
Mary C 06/16/2012
My exact views, too. I would like the choice of a lighter interior w/the ignot silver exterior on the 2013 Fusion.
Mary C 06/16/2012
My exact views, too. I would like the choice of a lighter interior w/the ignot silver exterior on the 2013 Fusion.