Dual Integrated Tailpipes for the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium and Energi Titanium

By Jeff T.

Many of us were highly disappointed to learn that the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium and Energi Titanium were not going to have the highly praised integrated dual pipes design element. To me and others the integrated dual pipes are a very stylish mark of the higher end Titanium trim.
It looks so much better and makes the Titanium trim level stand out over the S and SE trim levels. I think it was designed for the 2.0L gas because it was beautiful and functional. I think that the 2 pipes didn't make sense for the Hybrid and Energi, but I would like to recommend that they kept the integrated dual pipes as a mark of the higher end Titanium trim, even if only one works and one is non-functional. It may be too late for us, but maybe Ford can add it for later versions.
The Hybrid Titanium trim level itself was added thanks to people like us asked for it and Ford listened. Maybe they will listen again and add it to all Fusion Titanium trim levels.
Rick N 07/20/2013
Let me get this straight...you buy a hybrid to save fuel and reduce emissions into the air then complain about not having two pipes to polute more? Only in America....
Raj S 06/21/2013
i pre ordered my 2014 Fusion Hybrid Titanium preferring over SE trim coz of few distinctive features & options such as Dual Integrated Exhaust, Sony Audio, Remote start, Push button start/stop etc.
I saw a 2013 hybrid titanium last week & noticed NO Dual exhaust on those. Its kinda disappointed to have on non hybrid fusion titanium trims & not on Hybrids.
Really hope & wish they would include in 2014 hybrid titanium models.
Mr. Fusion 03/16/2013
The dual exhausts don't come standard on the Titanium, they come standard with the 2.0 EB, and obviously the Energi doesn't have the 2.0 EB. I have an Energi on order and would love to have the duals, but it doesn't come with the 2.0 H.
Jim W 03/04/2013
EXtremely disappointed!! Very tacky look compared with dual exhaust.
DelS 02/05/2013
Before I found this out I was pretty psyched to get my FFE Titanium-- those dual exhaust made the car look much classier. Now I'm a bit cool to the whole idea.
s 01/31/2013
Dual exhaust is silly for an inline engine in the first place. I vote they make all versions have one exhaust pipe. Then, give titanium owners a fancy LED emblem to make them feel special.
Wayne W 01/31/2013
Jeff T has nailed this. I have a new Titanium Energi on order and am VERY disappointed it will not have the dual exhaust package.
David B 01/21/2013
Say it ain't so. I saw the integrated dual pipes missing from the Hybrid Titanium when I was building the car on ford.com, I was hoping it was a mistake.
Eric D 01/19/2013
I agree