Don't Kill the E Series

Here is an idea, offer the EcoBoost and the the Powerstroke in the E Series instead of that new Transit.
chuck 05/18/2013
if they get rid of the e series I will sell my e150 and expedition and buy a chevy express and tahoe
Steve 02/15/2013
Keep the Econoline. Don't get rid of it.
John W 09/03/2012
I know a buddy of mine looked at a transit, and it had HALF of the towing capacity he needed for his commercial plumbing company. He and I both agree, a small 4 or 5 cylinder diesel in the current E Series or similar sized van would be much better, or even a Eco Boost. . .
draggnastro 08/30/2012
Keep the econoline! I dont think the Transit will have the power and towing capabilities AMERICAN companies need to do their jobs and keep this country moving. I vote Powerstrokes and Eco boost engines for the E-series.