Disabling unwanted lights

Please provide a way for the owner to disable Perimeter Lighting and Welcome Illumination, or at least publicize the fact that dealers can do this with their computers. My dealer had to call Detroit to find out how to configure my 2012 Escape so that I can use it at amateur astronomy events. Crucially, I have to be able to open doors without any lights coming on. Previously, even with interior lights turned off, some exterior lights would always light up. Disabling those three options in the computer took care of it. (THANKS to Akins Ford of Athens, Ga., for going to the trouble!)
Michael Covington 10/03/2011
Mike, it may depend on the exact version of the firmware in the vehicle's computer. There's no telling whether all Fords are alike, even in the same year. Let me know what you find out!
Mike Panichelli 10/02/2011
Thanks for the info. I personally can`t stand this feature on my 2011 f150 either. I was just getting ready to take it back to see if they could be disabled and now I won`t have to hear any excuses that they can`t.
Michael Covington 10/01/2011
When I said "three options" I meant also to include Daytime Running Lights, which were already off. I think it's great that Ford allows all these things to be programmed in software; in my previous car I had to cut wires and add switches!