design of mustang tail lights and backend

Ford needs to go back and look at the tail lights on the stangs from 64.5 to 1970. The new shape of the lights and the angle of the backend do not scream mustang to me. Old school in a new look is the direction needed for your 2014 mustang. GO old school type lights with the flat backend and I think you will have an eye catcher. If you ever notice when you are behind an old mustang,you know it's a mustang! Thanks
Frank S 02/15/2013
My thoughts! And don´t follow Motor Trend or some othe magazines when they say: "now, make it smaller". Mustangs and (Camaros) sell, because they are different than what todays cars look like. And thats good! They have a soul. They favor design and heritage and make people feel something! There`s enough egg shaped, euro like mini cars around! Thanks :-)