Customize MyRide

By Jeff T.

Maybe as an extension to SYNC or MyFord, I would like to see a way to customize your car sounds. Sounds for things like the door left open, keys in car, lights left on, seat belt not bucked, etc. I loved the cars that talked to you rather then just ding and than you have to figure out what and why. I hate "the door is a jar". No it is not a jar it is a door that is open. I think it would be great to be able to set you own sounds. You could have a tablet or PC app that would allow you to configure your own sounds for each item (where safety is a concern, a required sound may also be added and not removable). You could offer celebrity voice sayings or text to voice speak with different voice types and accents. You could also add sound/voice to things that were not there before. Maybe a "Welcome" voice when you open the door or start the engine. These could be downloaded via USB or internet connection. Your car would truly be your car...not like anyone else.
Andrew h 12/23/2012
I think overall, a user customizable MFT is what Ford needs to allow. We need more access to the software to allow individuals to come up with unique apps that make Ford vehicles as personal as iPhone apps do for their users
Jeff T 12/21/2012
LOL Justin, I know, it just sounds like it is talking about "a jar". It is an old joke I used to make a point. Love the James Bond idea. What a KIT, from Knight Rider. Lots of cool sounds and voices there. Or showing more of my geek side, the computer voice from Star Trek or Battlestar Galatica. I want a Start Up sound of the theme from Top Gun :).
Justin B 12/19/2012
I would definitely say at least a SYNC voice with an English accent would be great so I could pretend I was in a James Bond car or something. And Jeff, Just for the record, "Ajar" is a word meaning "slightly open" or "not completely closed", it is not trying to say the door is actually "a jar".
Jeff T 12/18/2012
So if you could use a celebrity voice for some of your car sounds, who would you use?