Customization for the next gen driver

Just rattling off some thoughts... Please excuse the poor writing style and any typographic errors.

Update the MyFord Touch software user interface to be more user friendly on the Fusion; and, make it more responsive [faster] too [adding some degree of 'non-annoying' subtle audio tones for user confirmation feedback that each button pushed recognized it was pushed in the MyFordTouch would help too, since there isn't any tactile feedback to know if pushing a button recognized that you pushed it or not].

I also submit it would be nice to have per driver customizable center stack screens [like if I dont own a cellphone let me either remove it from the list or move it down on the list with less commonly accessed features], also add a 'maintenance mode' that would temporarily put all user settings back to all factory settings [allow user to also revert to factory settings if they wish for a total 'reset' and start over type thing would be good too]. Maintenance mode would help resolve the customizations issue for those servicing the car so they could find everything where it normally would be at their factory settings, so they aren't forced to track-down where the driver moved them, etc. When maintenance mode is turned back off, it should return to the previous drivers custom settings [an ability to backup & restore the drivers settings would be good too -- maybe even allowing it to back/restore using new cloud-based technologies even, so you dont even need a usb drive or anything, just tethered through Wi-Fi or 3g/4g/Lte connection ( some caution here, make sure the car can revert to a working status in case of failed updates/incomplete updates and such [store a working backup on an eeprom firmware chip or something] ) -- just some thoughts off top of my head ]. An easy "Reboot" for the entire Mft system that drivers can perform [maybe a total system bypass 'special' hardware key in case the software totally fails and your in the middle of nowhere].