custom bodies

With the development of carbon fiber well established and proven, I think Ford could use this technology to create a vehicle that could be personalized not only in color, but body as well.

My idea would be for a base core that could have many different styles of body components bolted on to create a truly personalized vehicle.

Aperson could choose from a coupe, sedan, wagon or truck core, then choose body panels for their own custom look. a person could choose components for a sporty design, or choose panels that would give a 40's or 50's style design. Designing cores that differed in internal dimensions would help too. After all, choosing a design that had the look of a 40's sedan is nice, but if the rear seat had the leg room of an 80's compact, it's not very convincing is it?

Carbon fiber panels would be light, strong and easily made.

Let's face it. All the cars these days ALL look alike. It's time to bring back artistic style.
deamot 10/15/2012
I Agree