Crown Victoria 2015

i think it will be a very nice of we see the same 2011 Crown Victoria back to road again in 2015 all over the world. specially the Meddle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE,, ETC..). i went to one of the ford branches that still asking for loved crown Victoria. just bring it back same model same very thing. no car can beat ford Crown Victoria.
Kendal Smith 08/06/2014
The Taurus cannot replace the Crown Victoria on any level… As a family sedan, it is inadequate…. As a Police Interceptor, it is disliked by both our local Sheriff’s Office and Local Police Department(s) due to the lack of rear wheel drive and high cost of maintenance… Then there’s the new Taurus based Lincoln’s,  which feel small and cheap compared to the Town Car’s built on the Panther Platform, which was shared with the Crown Victoria… Over all Ford seems to have forgotten it’s customer base and chose outward styling over substance. All to appease Bureaucrats and reduce café numbers?Bring back The Crown Victoria just as it was. Full body on frame construction., an ample V8, and rear wheel drive. For me, I would sooner spend 50 Grand maintaining the 2 Crown Vic’s I own,  then purchase anything Ford is currently offering.
average j 01/27/2014
bring it back with a 5.0
and AWD
Connor 11/29/2013
I also think ford should put the crown victoria back on the market and start making them again! I really love them and I am going to be getting a ford crown victoria police interceptor soon. Very safe and reliable, nothing better than the crown victoria! Please start making the car again ford!
ryan s 09/03/2013
Ford should have never ditched the crown victoria.  Keep the car similar to how it was with Body on frame construction, rear wheel drive, and v8 power.  It was the best car of its kind, and it's sadly gone.  
bobbutta 08/14/2013
bring back this tremendous american car..rear drive..v8...large great driving, great riding automobile....we need it..the police needs it..america needs second one now...137,500 miles on the clock and runnung great!
Micha? W 08/04/2013
I agree - Ford Crown Victoria was the best ford car in history.
Mark K 04/18/2013
I am an up fitter for police vehicles, and the Crown Vic is sadly missed in the fleets I work with. The Taurus is a nice passenger car, but fails in many areas as a police vehicle. Many departments are now taking delivery of the Charger, and with its optional AWD coming in May, Fords share of this market will soon be nonexistent. The Crown Vic was a workhorse fleet vehicle, and needs to be redesigned to meet the safety requirements necessary while retaining its class leading interior and cargo volumes. Do this Ford, and it will return to dominate once again.
Jim J 04/05/2013
This is an excellent idea. I have many friends that say Ford never should have quit making the Crown Vic. They should have just updated the chassis and powertrain for improved handling and fuel economy and continued production. FWD is OK for small cars and mid size cars but not so good for large cars. Many customers want the RWD Crown Victoria back.