Crew Cab Ranger!!!

Around the globe countries offer a crew cab Ranger, except in the United States. Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and others offer this crew cab Ranger The Ranger was a great seller and a Ford fan favorite. Most people disliked the Ranger for the same reason, it was not offered as a crew cab. Ford should not throw away the Ranger completely, just re-create it as a crew cab based off of former models. The Ranger was usually seen as a pre-runner truck just like the Ford Raptor. I say re-create the Ranger as a crew cab, but also thrrow sme off road accesories on it too. Create every Ranger with a lift kit and off road tires. Off roaders will scream for this new truck. Teenagers loved the Ranger because it was a good truck that didnt cost a fortune at the pump. Ford should bring back the Ford Ranger as a crew cab off road beast!
Raifon 09/03/2013
What the heck is Ford thinking ? You can't buy the Ranger Crewcab is the Americas, and they discontinue the popular Sport Trac.There are more Sport Tracs in our city than there are Honda Civics. Kia is coming out with a sharp looking pickup but not in a crewcab as of yet. Chevy has a new Explorer sized pickup in Australia but like Ford they don't think the Americas is the place to market, no wonder they are losing market share to the offshore boys.
Charlie 08/03/2013
I'm also a long time owner of a Ford Ranger and have wanted to buy a new Ranger for several years in a newer body style. It looks like I'll be buying a new 2014 Toyota Tacoma. The F-150 is to large for my needs. Someone needs to manufacture a truck similar to the Ford Ranger in size.
james j 11/28/2012
agreed! if a new ranger is not released my 12 yr run as a ford owner will end. I dont want/need F-150. I will go with a TACOMA.