Create a SYNC database of compatible devices tested by users

By Kirk O.

We recently purchased a C-Max SE with Equipment Package 201A, so just the basic Sync services. (No Sony, MyFordTouch, or navigation) I was originally dismayed that no prepaid phone carriers appeared in the list of Sync wireless providers and devices. We seldom make or receive calls while in the car anyway, so it wasn't a deal-breaker if our phones didn't work. (We're retired, and don't have the budget for iPhones, 2-year-contracts, and pricey monthly service.) I'm a computer geek at heart, and love to tinker, so undaunted, I plunged ahead and simply tried to pair our two TracFones (an LG420G flip phone and an LG840G semi-smartphone) via Bluetooth. Both phones connected, loaded the phone books, and dialed out without any issues. I haven't done extensive testing, but once connected via Bluetooth, the 'Sync Lady' works just fine, including voice dialing from the entries uploaded from the phone address book. (When I learn the permitted commands, Sync Lady will be much happier!) So, there needs to be an Unofficial database of User-tested devices, somewhere online in Sync forum (probably the best location), where it would be convenient to go to One discussion area and see all the user reports of user-tested devices that do work, even though they're not "officially" tested and supported by Ford.