Country Squire Flex

Produce a limited version of the Ford Flex with wood grain sides and 1970s paint colors (avacado green, lemon yellow, etc). This option could be call the Ford Flex Country Squire, an homage to the old station wagons.
Bud Damberg 01/27/2012
Love the idea, and also bring back the 3 way tail gate.
Brad Barefoot 12/12/2011
I agree Mario ... I'd buy a Flex Country Squire, but I think the Oxford White, Ingot Silver, or Sterling Grey Metallic would look good with the Woody option. One other wish list ... make the 3rd row seating optional with a hard cover over where the seats would normally be. I left the Flex for the Edge just for that reason. I've owned both the Flex and Edge and I agree with Ralph from Dunn/Benson Ford the Edge is true wagon for versality. The Flex's 3rd row seat eats up room and really doesn't offer any real out of site storage. With the Edge, flip over the spare tire and use the cubbies you'll find there. How about making the Horse logo piece available from Ford Parts again in a stick on piece. We horse people love stuff like that.