Cougar XR7

We were all sad to lose the proud MERCURY line.
There are many of us that would love to see the return of the Cougar XR7. An extention of the Mustang line-up if you will. With headlight doors, long sequencial tail lights, and all the finer interior and body touches.
I had a 1968, 1969 and 1971 Cougar XR7. I loved them all. The performance package made them all the better.
Great car. Bring it back !
Paul D 03/31/2013
actually, imagine an Evos with better styling :wink:
Austin W 11/08/2012
Cougar makes a comeback as a SVT model... love it
Brian L 10/30/2012
Imagine a two-door Taurus with rear wheel drive and a 5.0 H.O.!