Concept Paint

As a kid many of us played with HotWheels cars. One of my favorites was the cars that changed color when it passed through water. My idea would be to make one of the ford concept cars available with the same paint scheme.
Ivan V 07/01/2013
Yeah, but what if car/truck/bus goes near you through rain puddle & splashes parts of your car? Then you'd get ugly multicolored car...
I like the idea of car changing color by level of light. It is technically possible, but too expensive & unpractical to do it on car, unfortunately... Tho I would do it inversely, so that effect would be that color is always looking same, like if one half of car's in shade & other on sun, they still look same :)
Robert T 05/27/2013
Remember mistic poly on Mustangs a few years ago?
Devin F 05/19/2013
Cool but what happens when water splashes on the car and turn the car in to a ugly color.
William L 05/18/2013
I like the idea of a color-changing vehicle- perhaps one that turns a lighter shade in sunlight, then darker at night.