Compact Mustang SUV Hybrid?

By Rob D.

Been trying to get this across to Ford, but nobody is listening to my money idea.. Ford needs to come out with a Compact SUV Mustang Hybrid. Widen the Mustang a little, raise the height, put a a spoiler on the top back, throw the new 5.0 in there or a hybrid engine. Would sound great with a name like the Ford Diamondback or the Ford Ridgeback. Thanks for Reading
Dan Fuese 05/12/2011
While a sportier SUV that takes a view visual design cues from the Mustang could be ok, I don't ever want to see an SUV Mustang, or a 4 door Mustang for that matter. The Mustang should remain the quick sporty fastback that it is.
William Simpson 05/11/2011
I'm sorry to say, But a MUSTANG IS A SPORTS CAR!!!! No way it would ever be a good thing as a SUV. Sorry but NO!!!!!!!!!!
Ron Ayotte 04/19/2011
No, non, nien, nyet, negatory!
Bubba Ballbuster 02/28/2011
i was thinking about this just over a year ago ford explorer chassis mustang body bet it would sell very well, basicly ford take on the subaru outback - more powerful less cost . Go FORD