column shifter for 2015 Ford Taurus

Can you please have column shifter for 2015 Ford Taurus? Taurus have column shifter for four generations. It is one of my favorite parts of Taurus!
Mike 11/12/2014
Column shift is excellent. I learned to drive on a column shift and I find it easier to use, and not having the shifter in the center console frees up more space for storage. It's a no-brainer.
William s 08/20/2013
Since the 2014 Ford Police Intercepter is built from the Base of a Taurus, it should be possible to provide this as an option to cilvilian models. If not, I will be standing inline a the parts counter buying a replacement PI Sedan column and modifiying it in.
William L 05/18/2013
I always liked the pushbutton (aka "typewriter") transmission shifter that was used on Chrysler products in the 1950s. 60+ years later, the technology should exist to make it reliable.