will you please have like a Designer, like Chanel design the Fabric for the Focus and other Fabulous Vehicles from Ford, we just bought a 2011 Escape, and we Love it ! It is for my Mum, and she is on Dialysis three times a week, so she has to have a car that will go through these Michigan Winters without much delay, and I Love driving her car when I take he to DaVita, I would just like it if like COCO made a nice fabric for Ford. My Mum is from France and Ford's are very popular in Europe, so why not have a great Designer set up the seats.
please & thank you, c:

bisou bisou,
Barbara Minor 09/27/2011
I live in Texas where alot of people drive Trucks. Alot of women buy their own trucks because they prefer to drive them. So why can't we have more colors that appeal to women? I am so tired of black, blue, brown, gray, & green. My Truck is red, of course! So why must I have a gray interior? Or beige? I hate those colors! Why not use more colors that appeal to women & make your sales go up? How about pastels pinks, lavender, or hot pink? It sure would make alot of people more Happy. And PLEASE some other color on the inside. THANKYOU!