Cloth Seats in Options Packages

By Ross S.

I would like to see Ford offer cloth seats as an option in all their options packages for all vehicles. There are those of us that for reasons of comfort or conviction will not purchase a luxury package because the only seating option here is leather. Every time I purchase a vehicle, the first thing I tell the salesperson is "no leather". That automatically knocks out the higher end option packages that I would otherwise love to have.
Andrew B 09/27/2012
Concurred. In my case, I don't want leather simply because I know I wouldn't keep up with the needed maintenance, but I very much do want some of the driver-assist options which currently can't be selected without also selecting leather seats.

In my opinion, a major part of what justifies the cost of buying a car new (instead of buying used) is the ability to get the car customized to exactly the way I want it. If I can't get a particular customization which is important to me, such as this one, then it doesn't seem worth paying that significant added cost; since I can't get the car the way I want it anyway, I might as well save the money and buy used.

I've been planning for more than a year to buy a new Fusion Hybrid as soon as I could save up the money; I have the money now, and was hoping to buy a 2013 model as soon as they come on the market. Without the ability to get the customizations I want, I'm more likely to look for a used model instead.
Brian S 08/24/2012
I agree, I like leather seats on my current ride (2008 Edge SEL), but my next vehicle there's about an 80-90% chance will have cloth seats. 3 reasons - my wife doesn't like leather (too hot) when she wears shorts or a skirt so I have to give her a towel to sit on, even though I have side tinted windows and use a sunshade on my car. #2 is my dog I got this year likes to put his front paws on the seat while standing on the floor of the car and leaves scratch marks (some which are just light scrapes and some which are real scratches that don't). and #3 with kids putting their shoes and pointy toys all over it, it's just as bad if not worse as my dog.
Al M 08/13/2012
Add me in on this idea. I posted something similiar to this a few months ago in that they also need to offer the cloth seats in the Dune or Medium Light Stone color. There's no reason to offer just black in cloth. I fail to see why Ford seems to think that you must, and can only have leather seating when you move up into the higher trim levels.
Travis G 08/01/2012
Yep, this is critical!!! I'm thinking very hard about buying a 2014 Fusion Hybrid next year. Given the current configuration options, I'll have to miss out on almost all of the Driver Assist Tech in order to avoid leather. I do plan to custom order this vehicle anyway, but after talking with a rep at a local dealership yesterday, the only way to get all the options, sans leather, would be to do a custom fleet order of at least 5 units or have them remove it after being built, pretty much defeating the purpose of not getting leather anyway.

The no leather issue also needs to include the steering wheel and shifter, as the luxury packages tend to add that as well.

At this point, I'm looking very hard at the Prius Lineup since they don't have leather in any of their packages, and I'd have all the tech options on the table for my build.

I've been a Ford customer for 10 years/3 new vehicles and would love to add a Fusion Hybrid as number 4 but having Leather in the luxury packages is a real downer and could be a deal breaker for me.
Josh L 07/26/2012
I agree. We are trying to buy a Focus, but want the technology and features of the Titanium. In 2012 cloth was available, but hard to find especially in a medium or smaller market, in 2013 it is not even an option! Our second choice of a vehicle was the C-Max Energi, but it is only available with Leather... Really Ford? Your premiere 'green' vehicle, and you forgot that one of the first groups to adopt to electric technology does not buy leather!

You make cloth seats for the base models of the cars, why can you not make it an option for the higher end models, like you did with the manual transmission on the Titanium Focus. This extends past Focus based vehicles, and should be an option on all cars you produce like Mercedes Benz offers.