Cheep mustang

By Alec S.

Picture this a V8 mustang with the price of a V6. Ford could do this by putting manual windows and locks, small good looking hubcaps, just a radio with out a CD player, cheaper headlights and taillights. And cheep vinyl seats with cloth inserts.
Paul Spriggs 02/07/2012
i do agree. a base model that is basic as can be, but people now expect heated seats etc, and back seats for things like kids. because the japanese have been giving you too many options. and now people expect it.
Thomas Moss 02/03/2012
Or buy a used one... And strip it...
Mustang Jones 12/27/2011
Just steel wheels and no radio. The customer can add custom wheels and radio later.
Michael Masin 11/30/2011
No carpet or back seat as well to save weight and reduce the cost