Charging Profiles by Location or time

We recently bought a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi, Titanium. Even though the car has lot of customizable features for the user here is a wish list.

1. Allow charging profiles by desitination.  
    for e.g. home- value charge & work- charge now etc.
if using destination is difficult in non-gps enabled models, can we create profiles using time of day week and weekday & voltage. So if i use 240v on weekday then charge now. if  i use 110v on weekday use value charge, the user can explicitly change to charge now  i.e. override on demand.

I use 110v at home and would prefer value charge at night and not on weekends.  At work i have a 240v charger provided by the company and want to use charge now. I have to remember to always go and change the charging profiles.

Agreed i can do it over the myfordtouch iphone app, but its one more step i have to remember to do it each time.

Also editing the charging profiles are very non-intuitive. It would be great to edit some of these profiles through the mobile app and sync to the device.