BRONCO... (Raptor Based)

By Sean A.

Take a new Raptor 6.2. Keep everything from the rear bulkhead forward the same (except add some geniune HID headlights!). Enclose up to the rear axle. Ditch extra length. Remove/Alter rear bulkhead to pass through into enclosed "trunk" space. (Re) Create Bronco.

No new (expensive) platform needed. No new powertrains developed. Perhaps push the rear seats further into the expanded enclosed area for additional leg-room... but only if it can be done inexpensively. Bronco reborn! Sign me up today.
Richard S 04/26/2013
I own a 1988 and a 1996 bronco. Amazing trucks. There's not really anything in Fords inventory atm the interests me, but a new Bronco would be the one to make me come back to the Blue Oval!
Benjamin 12/14/2010
Not trying to nag, but always capitalize the f in Ford. I would not have said anything if you put gm and hummer in lower case like this though. Not that it would be correct, just that whats it going to hurt, I mean we are not talking on the gm or hummer story, if we were which I would not, I would show them the courtesy of capitalizing the first letter of the name of their company.
RAdjinder 12/01/2010
Replace the Edge for Bronco,
don't come up with new name, but use the old once
Richard 11/08/2010
Great idea. I did actually email a similar idea to Ford from their website and received a nice reply. We do need a good SPORT UTILITY again. Something smart, capable, stylish, practical and AFFORDABLE!!! Owning a SUV shouldnt be something for the wealthy alone...The Raptor is amazing, but you gotta be wealthy to afford it.
Tommy 11/06/2010
Bronco Yes, but not a full size. Short wheel base 4x4 with removable top. Like the original. I don't want to pull cars with it. I want to hit the trails.
Mike 10/27/2010
I more or less agree -- Ford has currently moved so much of its line into the "drive on street SUV" category that the only "off-road" lineup are the full-size trucks. A smaller, powerful vehicle that can tow like a full-size, with full off-road capabilities, but can still handle driving around in a city, would be great.

Here's an odd-ball idea for it; instead of having a traditional gas-based drive, how about making a diesel-electric drive where the engine acts simply as a generator to power a motor? Leave out the heavy battery packs that are used in Hybrid systems (or use them as ballast to lower the center of gravity!), and have the diesel idle nice and slow for fuel efficiency. This could in theory give great torque for towing/hauling without requiring a massive range of transmission gears for normal driving.
Jim 09/23/2010
I owned a full-size Bronco, 1990 with a 302, manual transmission, manual transfer case, and manual hubs. It had a rubber floor (instead of carpeting) that made TOTAL SENSE in an off-road truck. You could hose it right out! I miss that truck SSOOOO much. When it was time to replace, all Ford offered was the Explorer and Expedition, neither of which even remotely carried on the true off-road personality of the Bronco. The manual transmission gave me the power to choose the correct gear, the manual transfer case ALWAYS worked, no electronics to get wet and short out, or motors to fail when you need them most. There is nothing close to this level of practical off-road design from Ford. Really, who wants CARPETING in a vehicle that's going to be driven in the mud?!?! That's just silly!
Rob Ward 08/24/2010
I would gladly forget about that death of the real explorer if we got a new Bronco, so long as it was not priced into oblivion. It would be nice if it came in a stripped version with a simple 4x4 system (on off), standard, then could be optioned up. It would bring more people in, if they could afford to actually buy it, and they would be more like to actually go and take the new bronco off road and make a legend out of it.

I must add I have a bronco and I love it.
Rickey L. Harrington 08/04/2010
Mark, you are right. The Bronco based on the Raptor is just to dam big. Ford nedds to redesign the Ranger and make a JR.Raptor from it and Ford needs to do a RETRO of the original Bronco. What Ford did for the Mustang in retro could and should be done to the original BRONCO.
Rickey L. Harrinrton 08/04/2010
A full size truck Bronco woul be nice (we already have the Explorer, Expedition and short bed F-150 all on a truck frame) but a Bronco based on a modern Ranger redesign would be better. Gas prices will continue to rise and even thought us rednecks would rather walk than drive anything else other than a truck (FORD) , there will come a time when we will have to choose between gas and chew or drive a smaller more fuel efficient Ranger Raptor / Bronco. Besides, driving on skider trails here in the Northeast---a full size Bronco is just to dam big.
Dave H 07/31/2010
I have driven Fords my whole life. I once owned a 81 Bronco.If Ford could bring this vehicle back I believe there is a market for it. I think a mid-size version would be ideal,to compete with the Wrangler and FJ cruiser. But also make it sturdy enough for real off-road capabilities. I know I would purchase one.
Kevin 07/15/2010
Yeah but the full size Bronco had a removable top as well. Something that should definitely be carried over into this idea.
Lawrence Cooper 07/13/2010
YES!!!!! But it can't be an asphalt 4 wheeler like the other SUV's. It would HAVE to be a Bronco, axles from the SuperDuty trucks, 6.2 liter, heavy duty alternator, two batteries, HID offroad lights, winch, a rock solid twin stick atlas transfer case, and lockers front and rear!
Thomas B 07/12/2010
I agree with everything Rob has to say. There is no need for me to type anything else.
CT Flynn 07/03/2010
take the bronco concept make the bronco III a true SUV and for the eco crowd provide an plug in hybrid option - will not stay on the show room floor.
George Lee 06/29/2010
I think a real SUV could benefit Ford, not an asphalt 4X4. I own an old Dodge Ramcharger and it is all the four wheel drive I need .Its big and hurky and is all for the off road. If Ford could build something close to the older fullsize Bronco on the Expedition platform with no frills I think it would sell and fill the void. And of course have a diesel option that will not break the bank.
Daniel B. 06/01/2010
An Interesting Idea, especially as Ford is dropping the Explorer and most of its other truck-based SUVs.
A 4-door version might also be a potential Expedition replacement - since people who seek a soft-roader will naturally gravitate towards the Flex or Explorer, the people who will buy truckish SUVs in the future will be looking for off-road capability and towing capacity - the two things a Flex can't do so well. The F-150 already has the latter, and the SVT Raptor provides the former in spades.
Rob mcfarland 05/14/2010
Major thing for ford is using components like has been mentioned earlier. Since ford developed a diesel for the f-150 already yet didn't go to market with it, put that in for fuel economy and torque to pull ur toys, and put thw 5r110 behind it cause it's a great tranny! The 250 transfer case, and a 60 front and narrowed 10.5 sterling! Have available ratios o all tge way to at least 4:88 down to 3:55 for fuel efficiency guys and gals. Use at least 90 percent of frame/ body panels, and ford has jus used parts bin type engineering once again. If u give off roaders a reason to be pumped, ie raptor, rubicon, factory locker/ strong axles, he or she will be more inclined to purchase a new vehicle with a warranty! The big three got lost on this when tge fuel crisis hit in the 70's. That's why new styles sold a lot before then, so u can have the ecoboost, the 6.2, and a small diesel all in the line up! Great forum though, i love the first gens the most, like a classic mustang to me, and they were built right from the factory, 9", 44 dana, 302/289, that's why trucks sell!
bob 05/13/2010
start with ranger 4x4 short wheebase 4cyl ecoboost. FORD already made
the broncoII from the ranger platform, do it again.
david 05/06/2010
plus points on ecoboost/diesel idea. Add the 5.0l to the lineup for the performance-minded.
mark 05/01/2010
a truly sic idea! using already developed platform for a new spin on a ford classic. the new 5.0L or a pumped version of the 3.7L ecoboost( push the displacement up 4.0 or more) and 4 link the rear suspension .
Sean 04/28/2010
To comment on various points: I'm NOT opposed to a smaller Bronco - more along the lines of the original. I think that TOO would be a lot of fun! My original post was to try and get a Bronco produced. The most cost-effective way to do so is not to build an entirely new platform (as there is nothing in Ford's US lineup that could underpin the type of small Bronco actual buyers would want), but to use an existing platform. The one they have to offer that can actually off-road is the Raptor. I'd be very happy cutting a foot or two out of wheelbase (to shorten overall length even more), but that adds to the developmental cost again.

Either way, if Ford builds a Bronco that has TRUE off-road ability (like the Raptor, or "gasp," Rubicon), SIGN ME UP! I'd like mine in white to minimize "Redneck pinstriping" please. Black out hood like your Raptor XT to reduce FL glare... and an integrated "roll-cage" like a Wrangler (or D90) would be great. Thanks. Where do I send the check?
Ron 04/27/2010
As a proud owner of a Raptor pondering a dream vehicle, I'd bee torn between a midi sized Raptorized truck or an explorer sized version of the same. One of the few things the Raptor struggles with is safe passage down a tight two track. Either would get you there and back with less of a natural brushed look on the side panels.
Monique 04/26/2010
Yes, please. I'll take one. My '95 Bronco is a favorite. I think a Brontor or a Rapco would be great, need the removable top though.
Dave 04/23/2010
Definitely bring back a Bronco. I see the old ones sometimes with the tops off driving. What a great feeling. The suspension of the Raptor is great, but the width of the Raptor might make it difficult on the trails, but the public may adapt to the width. I know someone who put Super Duty axles on a Wrangler front and back, not a bad idea.
Greg 04/22/2010
Make it a short-wheel-base Raptor with SuperCab swing-out back doors, full rear seats and an enclosed cab with removable back-half (like the ole Bronco)... This could come to market quickly using the proven Raptor as a base, just need a short frame and enclosure... thats all... bring it!!!
Taylor 04/20/2010
The answer to the fuel economy issue.
Bill 04/17/2010
I would be a fan of seeing a new ford bronco true to the original size (or maybe a little bigger, but not as big as full size) and function of the first generation. A FORD built "wrangler" would be a good description. Heavy duty solid axles would be a must as (as Nate put "narrowed SuperDuty axles would be wonderful"). We want the durability of FORD TOUGH exgtended all the way from tires to roof, bumber to bumper. Why not build it the way most do their jeeps and such? factory triangulated four-link ??? 102-106" wheel base? no excessive body overhang? I think these are the things that will win over this crowd.
Nate 04/17/2010
The trouble with the Bronco concept vehicle was its fully independent suspension. As has been said, the Bronco, ideally, would be a Ford built Jeep Wrangler or even Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Essentials include a trail capable width and at least a solid rear with long travel independent front (solid front and rear is asking too much I'm afraid - though narrowed SuperDuty axles would be wonderful).

Toyota continues to have car based (Highlander, Venza) AND real SUVs (4Runner, FJ). With Ford's "Explorer" now exploring strictly urban settings with its unibody and fully independent suspension, there is room at Ford for an off-road oriented SUV.

Such vehicles don't sell in large quantity, but they do give credibility to a terrain capable brand and become enthusiast vehicles that a brand is remembered for.
Michael 04/16/2010
Gen 1 size bronco, make it like the concept...Simple interior, ability to spray wash, no carpet, the works...I'd definitely go for that in a second...
TonyB 04/16/2010
The small concept Bronco that was being taken to all of the Auto Shows. Offer it with a wide range of engines. Ecoboost 4, etc and I would be on board to buy one of these
Bob 04/16/2010
The concept they did a couple of years would work great. They just need to have the removable back half hard top, doors, gas and diesel engine option, dual clutch transmission, suspension etc that the aftermarket can provide upgrades to.
Bob 04/16/2010
Do the Concept they showed a couple years ago. Give it a removable back half hard top, gas and diesel engine option, suspension etc that the aftermarket can really work with.
Greg 04/16/2010
I like the Bronco idea, but I'd like to see a version that closer to the original and competes with the Jeep TJ- two door, short wheelbase, removable top, 4wd, 6 (maybe 8) cyl. engine. Maybe available in 3 sizes like the TJ- two door, short and long wheelbase, and then a 4 door model. Seconding some of the other ideas, a diesel option would be great.
Sean A. 04/16/2010
Exactly! I think you and "Ben" and others above you get it. Sport AND Utility. Others would want a smaller (think Gen 1 or "Bronco II") frame - nothing wrong with it. But what's it going to cost to develop something from scratch? What about certifying completely new platforms/engines? Regardless, I'm all for small 'utes as well as, properly configured, they have a place as strict off-roaders like a Jeep or FJ,or on the "dark" side, as CUV/simple transport.

But many need something that's shorter than the pick-up Raptor, still has seating for 4 or 5, can tow and still has a large cargo area for all of my work gear during the week and all of my "fun" gear for the weekends with the family. What's currently available for sale that can tow, haul, off-road and fit in my garage? BRONCO... Raptor based please. I guess you need fuel-efficiency too, put a nice diesel in it.

My initial post was to suggest a development that would cost as little additional as possible as those are usually the cars/trucks that have the highest probability of eventual sale. Anything is far more likely to be sold if it can be sold profitably! Again - where can I place my deposit?

Have a great weekend everyone!
John W 04/16/2010
I was just thinking the same thing about Hummer. GM killed the Hummer because they want to ditch anything that gives them a gas hog image. There is still a market for it. If ford brought back the bronco, but with Ecoboost, or maybe even a hybrid sytem, they could fill that market void without tainting ford as a "gas hog" brand.
ken 04/15/2010
Now put the 'Utility" back in it, make sure can tow and offer plenty of accessories so you can load it like a pack mule.
Ben 04/15/2010
It would put the 'SPORT' back in 'sport-utility-vehicle'
Greg 04/15/2010
Great idea!!! The "Bronco" brand has a lot of value and Ford needs to bring it back, especially with the demise of Hummer, this could be a real winner on a short wheelbase enclosed 4-door Raptor... 3.5 V6 EcoBoost as an option to the 6.2 V8.
Mark 04/14/2010
too big
Blue 04/14/2010
I think a Bronco would be amazing! I only would wish for a removable hardtop, like the old days!! Greatness!!
Jeff 04/13/2010
a direct competitor to the xterra would be awesome...simple and utilitarian. no frills, just a true suv. something based on a new ranger/f100 line?
gator 04/13/2010
I like the idea of a mid-size manly SUV... all the cross overs are SUVs gone soft and the only thing left are giant family SUVs.
Telnack's Son 04/13/2010
The Bronco is my favorite SUV. It could be a limited run model so as not to interfere with Ford's desire to move away from traditional SUVs.
Logan 04/13/2010
I suggested the return of the Bronco as well, Raptor based would be sick but I think the reason the Bronco won't be back is fuel economy, the answer: ECO-BOOST!!!!!
Kyle Bullock 04/13/2010
I dig it!
bbradley 04/13/2010
Love the idea! I've been hoping for a new Bronco since the concept came out.
paulp 04/13/2010
A new Bronco would be great. Ford could use another off-road capable SUV, instead of so many CUVs. I wouldn't make it full size like the Raptor though, I would make it mid-sized so it fits better on trails. Maybe give it a small diesel or the 5.0L out of the Mustang/F150.
jane 04/13/2010
i miss the bronco. that sounds awesome, i'd buy it.
Rob 04/13/2010
YES! Sean, you are the man! Agree to agree, see you on a dealer lot for the Bronco Raptor in 2011. Mine, either a diesel or an Ecoboost V6. Just need to tow my 5K lbs boat, otherwise give me fuel econ low torque to rip up the hills.