Bronco Come Back

Ford needs to re-introduce the Bronco. This should be the identical platform, a 2 door 4x4 SUV platform, with modern creature comforts, technology, and body styling. I'm sure there would be a huge market for an up-dated and completely over-hauled re-introduced but same basic concept and platform from the 80-90's model Bronco. Never understood why they stopped making it in the first place.....i'd buy a re-vamped Bronco tomorrow if they made it.
Jake J 08/15/2013
Yeah, make it a Jeep Wrangler rival.
Rick K 08/10/2013
I would want the Bronco on a smaller chassis than the last generation. I agree that a small 4 cyl diesel would be a good option. But, a ecoboost 4 or V6 would be good as well. I do think the top should be removable and that it should be rwd primary. The Edge and Explorer do well with fwd primary. But, the bronco needs to be its old self.
Robert G 08/01/2013
I would like to see a diesel option if they were to bring it back.
Jim B 07/02/2013
So funny to see this when I came to say the same thing! My brother just bought a 10th Anniversary Rubicon and it is awesome. As the an owner of a '66, '73, and a '93, that was purchased new, I have remained loyal to the Bronco bloodline. (Also had two '91's, a '66, a '72, and a '79) Give us something along the lines of the first generation...low buck, easy to see out of, and over powered. Something we can drive to the trails, enjoy, and drive back. Give us the option to buy a well built Bronco to compete with the Rubicon but with more power and just as much versatility. We are nearing 20 years without a new Bronco...that's long enough! Give it to SVT if nothing else.
Chris S 07/01/2013
Just a thought, but how about offering a Bronco package to the new Tremor for urban enthusiasts and then offering a Bronco package to the Raptor for off-road fanatics?
Joseph A 06/24/2013
I agree completely. Even the smaller 66-77 with the 3.5 Ecoboost would be a great addition to the Ford line up. The Explorer is not a replacement for the full size Bronco, never has been never will be. It is a great SUV in its own right but the Bronco needs to come back. For the love of Pete give it a manual!!!!!!!!! Thank you.