Ford, you should remake the Bronco with a similar looking body style as the 94 model. I own a 94 Bronco 302 and its an outstanding truck. I'd like to restore it but what would be better is if Ford could come out with a new Bronco.
Duval R 12/21/2012
So true,I saw the Concept version at the Autorama and i'm still waiting.Only the Mercedes G-wagon at $80 geez,,, comes close to the cool yet tough looking concept.As does the old 70's version of the Toyota Scout....would much rather keep it in the Ford family.....
Derek H 11/12/2012
I like the idea. I am currently looking for an off road styled SUV, I cant stand jeep, and love ford. I think this would be a great addition as a rugged off road SUV, especially with an ecoboost!
Lucas T 11/11/2012
Go with the idea of the 2004 Bronco Concept. Ford lovers need the Bronco to be resurrected. Take us back to that better time that we all miss.
jerry w h 11/01/2012
One of the greatest vehicles i ever owned was my 89 Bronc with a 351 and trailer towing package. I bought it off of the lot and the dealer had equipped with more options than a Eddie Bauer model. Only reason that I got rid of it was for a 93 F150 Super cab pickup as I no longer owned a 20 foot boat . However, I did have two German Shepards (White) that were quite proud to be seen in it!
Jillian B 11/01/2012
My dad would buy one! Come to think of it, bigger than the escape, not as big as the explorer... I might buy one!