Bring Us The New Ranger!

My very first vehicle was a 1995 Ford Ranger. Since then ive owned a Buick Regal, a Handa Passport, A Ford F. 150, and currently, a Ford Fiesta. And none of these were as practical and as dependable as my 95' Ranger. A 4 banger with a 5 speed. I would LOVE to know that Ford isnt really calling it quits on the Ranger here in the states. And i think a diesel powered mini truck would be the most dependable truck on the road. And extremely capable as well. And i belive there is still definatley a huge market for a small to mid size truck here. I was looking at the reviews and comments on the up and comming redesigned Chevy Calorado, and was surprised to see how many people said they would rather see the new Ranger, or that the new Calorado would only do good in that market if the Ranger Wasnt sold here. Come on Ford.... Dont let down alot of Faithful Fans just to make a little extra money in foriegn markets. Try and remember that the USA is were you got your start. I hate to pull that, "if it wasnt for us" card, im just saying.
Tom H 02/17/2013
I am also in the market for a small diesel truck and will be purchasing one from the first manufacture to have one here in the US.
James E 11/24/2012
We need the diesel Ranger in the US. VW will have the Amorak, Toyota may bring the Hilux and Nissan is moving quickly in the mid-size diesel market as well. I will be purchasing in about 18 months and will be looking at mid-size truck market .... Will go with whoever delivers diesel technology in the US. I really like the Ranger diesel and the videos on YouTube from Australian and Asian markets. Please bring the Ranger diesel to the US.
John E 10/18/2012
Great idea Ford! And don't forget the diesel...