Bring the Explorer back! D:

Well, where to start? You see, the Ford Explorer is one of Fords flagship models. BMW and Audi sell both the X5 and the Q7, and even people with poor perceptions of the Ford brand can instantly recognise quality with the Explorer. If it weren't to compete mainly with those, then why not sell it in the U.K to compete with the dull Kia Sorento, or the over-rated Mercedes GL and Lexus RX450h? You see, Ford wrongly believes that there is no place for such a large AWD in the U.K, but there is. You may be familiar with the Ford S-max and Galaxy sold in Europe, and whilst they are excellent, quality people carriers, neither offers an AWD option. Many people in the U.K are looking for a large family vehicle, with the security of AWD, but also with the flexibility of 7 seats and Ford is greatly missing out here, as they don't offer one. Now you might say something like 'well the Kuga is AWD and offered in the U.K' but it simply isn't practical enough for large families. I remember in about the 1990's Ford Explorers were sold here, but not anymore. WHY?! I have heard rumors that the Mustang and the Edge are going to be sold in Europe, which is great, but what's the point in selling a larger SUV than the Kuga if it doesn't have the practicality of 7 seats?