Bring back the "Woodies"

In the '40's and/or '50's, autos had wood in their design. Some were really fancy. With all the new material tech, couldn't you put a "look-alike" wood back into your design. Super cool.
Garry Rosseter 12/18/2011
I would like to see a modernized version of the classic woody brought back. Special touches like real wood and dash clock, fender well coolers and storage would be awesome too. Why not have an economical, affordable, fun SUV to own that people would love to drive? The Chevy camoro and Ford Mustang are prime examples of how the classics were modernized to much success. I posted this idea elsewhere because I didn't see anything mentioning it until after I posted.
Brad Barefoot 11/02/2011
Here Here ! I agree with Linda. Imagine a Transit Connect with the Country Squire Option, woody wagon, wire wheels/covers, the horse people like me would flock to it. Or maybe a factory approved woody kit that the Ford Van Wrap Division could do, I'm game for it. But this idea could lead to others. Maybe a deal with the "Mouse" for a Disney version.